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About Alcopa

What keywords spring to mind when you consider responsible investment strategies? We would say: long-term thinking, small and mid-sized European private companies, majority or significant minority positions, and - mostly - understanding their business.

All Alcopa’s investments are in companies close to its historical competence of international distribution. The goal is to act as a long-term industrial partner for the companies it invests in. This is why we don’t think in terms of predefined investment horizon. To ensure alignment and long-term success, Alcopa favors co-investment with the management.

Alcopa is a family-owned investment firm headquartered in Belgium. Its origin dates back to 1937 when Albert Moorkens set up a company to produce and distribute motorcycles. Over the years, it grew from its automotive roots to become a diversified holding that invests in private companies in Western Europe. A provider of long-term capital, Alcopa aims at responsibly allocating resources in well-understood businesses.

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