ESG covers a lot of ground. At Alcopa and within our portfolio companies, we are aware that we cannot simultaneously address all ESG issues. This is why we keep our ambition realistic and down to earth, as we have always done. Following a materiality assessment of all our portfolio companies, we have defined six ESG domains in which we can play a role based on our know-how and experience.

Business ethics

We want to safeguard the highest levels of ethics, combatting bribery, money laundering and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Corporate governance

We define clear responsibilities, promote openness and transparency while ensuring a pragmatic approach and accountability.

Diversity & inclusion

We ensure companies have a clear roadmap to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace.

GHG emissions

We adapt business models and strategies to be compatible with the transition towards a climate-neutral economy.

Supply chain management

We integrate adverse impacts on sustainability along the entire value chain.

Talent management

We promote a culture where people can become the best version of themselves and be proud of what they are accomplishing.