As a family-owned investment firm, we strongly believe that each generation has a responsibility to leave things in a better state than they received it from the previous generation. With this in mind, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are a key part of our strategy.

Integrating ESG in our investment decisions

Positive screening

We have a preference for businesses that tend to shorten their distribution channels, that work hard on their environmental footprint through the recyclability of their materials and products or their energy intensity.

Negative screening

We refrain from investing in companies that are active in industries such as gambling, oil and gas, tobacco, or pornography, but also from industries with a short term focus (e.g. fast fashion), or businesses that source predominantly from low-wage countries.

Company-specific screening

When making investment decisions, we take into account the company’s reputation/image and pay particular attention to the positive and negative impact of its products on society as a whole.

Acting as a catalyst for change within our portfolio companies


Our portfolio companies are doing their part in limiting their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Each of them is developing a targeted GHG emission reduction strategy. Moreover, we stimulate our businesses to embrace change and adopt business models and strategies that fit in the transition to a climate-neutral economy.


Our portfolio companies should advocate diversity and inclusion, and give the people they employ the opportunities they need to be the best versions of themselves. For this reason, we stimulate our businesses to develop a roadmap to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace, install a dedicated HR policy to achieve these ambitions, and create a culture where people can be proud of their accomplishments. We also pay attention to the societal impact of our businesses’ supply chains. Fair wages; human rights; no modern slavery - this is what our portfolio companies should stand for, without exceptions. And that is why we encourage them to establish responsible purchasing policies and codes of conduct setting out the values and principles expected of their suppliers.


We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics, and we expect the same of our portfolio companies. That is why we spur them to develop a Business Code of Conduct, highlighting the company’s commitment to business ethical behaviour, including anti-bribery, anticorruption, etc. In that same context, we promote openness and transparency among the governance bodies of our portfolio companies, defining clear responsibilities and ensuring accountability – e.g. by ensuring that every one of them has a fully operational board of directors.

Aligning focus areas with long-term megatrends

In short, we look for companies that have an overall positive balance in terms of ESG contribution. Investing in tangible and sustainable business gives us a relative vast playfield in terms of sectors where we could be potential investors. We nevertheless try to identify some areas where we believe we have a legitimate right to play and which are aligned with today’s and tomorrow’s long-term megatrends:

  • Rapid urbanization

    Rapid urbanization creates opportunities in infrastructure and construction, as well as supply chain management. Based on our expertise in these business areas, we aim to foster innovation in construction materials and optimize the supply chains of the companies we participate in.

  • Global economic power shift

    The shift in global economic power is expected to fragment global trade over the next few decades. We want to build on our expertise to assist companies in in- or re-shoring their activities.

  • Natural resources availability

    The increasing demand for energy, food and water affects the availability of natural resources. We want to do our part in fighting climate change and resource scarcity, by advocating resource sobriety and reducing waste and emissions.

  • Digital revolution

    The digital revolution is changing behaviours and expectations, as well as the tools used to deliver new services and experiences. Our ambition is to infuse the often mature industries we invest in with innovative technologies.